Comparison of different mobility management schemes for reducing handover latency in Mobile IPv6

  • Xinyi Wu, Gang Nie
  • Published 2009 in 2009 International Conference on Industrial Mechatronics and Automation


Handover latency in Mobile IPv6 plays an important role in the performance of a given network scenario. It results in packet losses and severe End-to-End performance degradation due to throttling and retransmissions in TCP scenario. This paper presents a comparative study of some different mobility management scheme for reducing handover latency and packet loss in mobile IPv6 environment. We describe the different types and classification of handover and present the Macro-Mobility and the Micro-Mobility solutions, including a number of proposals to reduce handover latency for mobile IPv6. The discussion regarding the performance of each proposed methods and the comparison of the performance between each method also are brought up.


2 Figures and Tables

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